Breakout is the second mission in the game where you encounter your first boss, a killer whale


After a Fishing team captured the shark the team transfeered the shark to sea world to be put into show. Brodey and the Mayor disagree with this. The shark escapes into the tunnels and causes chaos. It soon reaches the showing area and interupts the performance of a killer whale. Jaws kills it and escapes as the people scream in panic as the body of the whale sinks to the bottom of the pool.


After this mission you can freely roam Deep Ocean South and a few other locations around Amity Island. You can return any time to compete in a challenge that involes killing the killer whale in a time limit. If you succued you will be awarded extra points that can be used to buy the shark more abilites.


- Based off of Jaws 3-D ,but in the movie the shark tried to break in.

- You can come back to compete in a challenge.

- The dead killer whale torn in half is a reference to the maintance mans arm torn apart in the movie

- After this you are free to roam around the coastline of Amity Island.

- First boss-fight