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The Killer Whale is a boss and a enemy to Jaws.

Apperance (As a Boss)Edit

In Breakout , while trying to escape,Jaws interupted a killer whales performance. Driven by instinct both animals attacked each other.


To kill the Whale you need to bite and shred him while he is circling the tank, you can ram him to stun him. Don't take to long to think or else he will attack. Don't go in front of him because he will attack, his attacks are powerful, if you are about to die, escape and find some fish.

Appearance (as a enemy)Edit

In deep Ocean South a location is found where two Orcas are found. They can be killed easily.

The location of the killer whales is all the way South West. When you kill them, you will be like,"dude! these Orcas are much easier than the boss one!" The Orcas in the South Western area are much easier than the Boss Killer Whale!


- Even though in real life Orcas can easily overpower Sharks, in the game some are weak.

- Many people say the reason for this is because the two encountered in The HUB are young.