The Orca 2 is the final boss in the game.


The Orca 2 is a boat used to attack the shark used in Shaw's attack.


First thing to note are your surroundings. There are Manta Rays, Squids, and Sharks you can eat. The Squids and Sharks give you very little health, but the Manta Rays will refill it completely if you eat one. To complicate matters, the Orca 2 has a tracking device on you that will explode and kill you if you swim too far away. However, other than that, this isn't a very difficult battle if you have speed and health upgraded. Stay below it and yet close to it to dodge its attacks. The underwater subs are annoying, but just ignore them, you can't let them distract you. Go up to the surface, look at the boat and you'll notice there's a "bald spot" towards the front of the boat with no spikes on it. Hit the spot with a Corkscrew Attack, but be careful, for if you miss it, you'll hit the spikes and that will hurt you instead of the boat. Quickly go back underwater and dodge the attacks once again, eat a Manta Ray for health if you need to, then go back up to the other side of the boat. Hit the bald spot once again with another Corkscrew. Keep repeating and the boat should be destroyed in about 2-3 more hits.

For an alternate strategy, you can use the blue explosive barrels dropped from the ship to damage the boat, then charge at the bottom of it to kill it. This is more risky, since it involves getting away from the boat.

Once the boat begins to sink, congrats, you've just completed Jaws: Unleashed. Sit back and enjoy the ending cutscene.


- The orca is a enemy of the shark

- The first orca was destoryed in the first movie.