Tiger Sharks are found in the East, If I am wrong then EDIT THE PAGE. Anyways, these sharks are medium fast, they are also a tad agressive toward Jaws. They are found in large, spread out groups. These are the second largest of the prey sharks and can be confused with bull sharks for their shapes are similar but they have a distinctive beige colouring


Hammerhead sharks are medium slow, and are afraid of Jaws. They are a little agressive when you first unlock the Open Ocean. These are found almost everywhere around the Open Ocean obviously the most recogniseable

Jaws attacking a hammorhead shark at Sea World.


Bull Sharks are agressive at all times, medium fast, and are found either alone or in small, spread out groups. Territorial and a huge pain if there are any robots around aas they attack in unison and deal an awful lot of damage without you noticing.

Whale sharksEdit

These are one of the largest prey animals in the Open Ocean hard to find but not so hard to kill as they have no defensive moves whatsoever


- Just like in real life sharks will attack if your injured